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One thought on “3AM Brochure

  • Sharin Echard

    I want to thank you Brotherman & Pop’s and all the brothers and sisters of your association for coming to the Seventh Day Adventist Tollgate church this Sabbath and touching all of us with your testimony and messages you gave us all. It is a blessing that I got to meet you all and I believe this is something my Daddy Micheal Watson will never forget. You encountered events that tried to stop your all’s trip here and the Lord kept you all protected and able to make it. My Dad and I were having issues as well that was trying to make us not present but the Lord protected us too. I am so greatful and I learned a lot today. Thank you all so much. I have to mention that I loved hearing the ladies sing. So beautiful like angles. God Bless you all. I will take the wisdom I learned and share it with all that I can including my own children. Sincerely Sharin Echard.