Gadget’s New Toy/Maiden Voyage

Gadget, the 3AM Treasurer for the SoCal Sentinals, is a charter member of the group and has made nearly all scheduled rides. However on all rides, including the two thousand mile trip through Colorado, he was astride a borrowed Harley Sportster. Those days are now over with the addition of a beautiful, shiny black Harley Road King to his garage.

3AM Messengers were called for an impromptu maiden voyage to accompany Gadget for a ride to………somewhere. It had been raining and cold but Sunday morning was marginally clear. The destination for a short ride was dictated by conditions dictated by Mother Nature. The obvious choice for a short ride could only be through the desert to the winter haven of Palm Springs.

Gadget, Boomer, George, Knute and Captain Vern were all available and converged at a local restaurant parking lot for the ride. After a pleasant short trek through the desert and past the giant wind generators the small group arrived Downtown at Ruby’s Restaurant. It was great to enjoy sitting outside at the sidewalk café with the bikes lined up in front.

After lunch, George broke from the group in search of some hot springs. The remainder of the group remounted to check-out an array of classic cars for sale a few blocks away. Old Cadillacs, muscle cars and exotic sports cars were available for sale, but none of the group was willing to sell their homes to buy one.

The ride back was pleasant and the group returned the members peeled off for their respective homes.   It was a nice, impromptu ride. Gadget reports his new Road King to be considerably more comfortable than the Sportster and is looking forward to future road trips. Scheduled trips include Tombstone in February, Yosemite in April and some longer trips this summer.

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