Daily Archives: June 21, 2014


It’s not every day someone graduates to become a full-fledged, card-carrying Doctor.  Such an event should warrant a spectacular event to compliment such a spectacular accomplishment.  So, Brotherman’s wife, iDoc, gathered family, friends and some extraneous Sentinels for a tour of some of the best California has to offer.

The caravan comprised of cars, vans and motorcycles stopped for lunch in San Luis Obispo and then headed up the coast through Big Sur.  One of the turnouts along the cliffs was filled with Japanese tourists who treated the motorcyclists as if they were celebrities.   The all crowded around the bikes for photographs gushing and giggling as if they had encountered a real-life American movie motorcycle gang.

A delightful ride through the Redwoods with distant views to the Pacific and to San Francisco bay ended with lunch near Market Street.  Navigating the Golden Gate Bridge by motorcycle added a different dimension to the crossing.  Saint, Boomer and Captain Vern camped out in Petaluma while the remainder of the group took refuge in a local motel.

It was a beautiful, curvy, wooded ride down into St Helena.  The tour of Elmshaven, Ellen White’s home was both interesting and inspirational.   Also interesting was that the adjoining property was the childhood home of one of our riders, Sting.

A long stretch of freeway gave way to the highway and back roads through the hills to Oakhurst.  Captain Vern and Boomer settled down in tents by the river while the rest of the group settled into hotel rooms to rest for the ride into Yosemite in the morning.

Yosemite never disappoints. Exiting the tunnel to expose the famous viewpoint of Yosemite Valley is one of the most beautiful sites the world has to offer.
While at the viewing area, another Japanese tourist approached Brotherman, camera in hand.  She asked, “May I get a picture of you with your Harley Davidson”.   Captain Vern enjoyed witnessing that request since Brotherman rides a Victory and has a good-natured rivalry with the Harley owners.

Chukchansi Casino has what is probably one of the best brunch buffets on the planet.  Italian, Mexican, Oriental, American, seafood, prime rib or whatever anyone could desire was spread out across many specialty tables.  The only problem was that all the food was so tempting; it made it extremely difficult to save room for some of the hundreds of delectable deserts on display.  However, most of the group found a way to consume their share.

There are few places in the world that can offer such a diverse experience as California.  The spectacular scenery was matched only by the bonding and camaraderie of the adventurous group of friends and family.  Congratulations iDoc, and thanks for including friends in your glorious celebration.